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  • Cream Arjan bath

    Cream Arjan bath:
    It treats hair loss, split ends and frenzy and gives your hair a healthy look with vitality, radiance and luster. It also increases hair length and density

  • Marrow cream bath

    Marrow cream bath:
    The bath of the cream with marrow gives your hair strong shine and helps to straighten and soften it and protects it from split ends and gives the outer sheath of the hair strength and prevent from damage as it works to moisturize dry hair and reduce its tangles and treats hair loss

  • Shea cream bath

    Shea cream bath:
    Treats hair loss, soothes the dry scalp, reduces itching, strengthens hair and reduces breakage.

  • the Garlic

    the Garlic:
    Garlic is one of the most natural materials that helps in treating hair loss and increases its density and shine to make it more vibrant and fresher. It also nourishes hair follicles, protects them from split ends and helps to increase their length.